Editorial Essay

What if your life turn into a complete other life in a one day? What if you got the lottery in first prize? There are many homeless people in the world. Specially in here, San Francisco, it's not a rare to see homeless people. There is a saying " Life is not a beer an skittles", and well this isn't just appropriate for him.
A homeless man whose picture was posted in the internet became famous. Long, navy, spotted jacket, a faux leather jacket inside, a scrappy, colorful belt, and has long tousled hair. He is even puffing on a cigarette. Cheng Guorong, 34, with melancholy looks on his face with big nose, he was born handsome. Also, there were reactions that he looks like a famous movie star. This man is famous not only in China but also Japan, and Korea, all of the Asia. One plastic surgeon said, that this man got all conditions and qualifications for handsome. He also added this man's sharp and edgy line of his chin makes him more attractive. At this point, it reminds us how powerful the mass media is. Back on track, filming for the movie about his life has scheduled, and he also got the job. His stylish vintage looks made him got the job of fashion management. In the other hand, there are voices of condemnatory. Some people said " Isn't it appearance-oriented giving too much pressure in terms of looks?", "It should cause side effects". There are lots of a realistic point of views that only this man gets special benefit isn't fair, even though there are lots of same wretched plight people. The movie about this man's story is scheduled to be start from September of this year, and be done by February of 2011, which is the next year.