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Title: The Process of Turning Coal into Gold: Chen Guie-Wun
School: Hsin-hwa Senior High School

      Six Students teamed to complete the Cyberfair 2013 project on March 21, 2013; they encountered many problems and frustration especially in formulating special topic.
      They conducted a study on a certain tourist spot in Taiwan. They did research using books, journals and different website and run several reviews and analysis. Also, conducted interviews on Mr. Chen Guie-Wun, the owner of the Baba Tunnel on which the research is all about. The researcher even visited the spot to acquire real-time experience, observe with the tourist viewpoint and passed out some questionnaire survey to gather information on tourist satisfaction; they formulated conclusions and did suggestions to improve Baba Tunnel’s service.
      They distributed certain jobs on each team member from social intercourse, schedule management and regular contact with Baba Tunnel‘s host. The other is responsible for website making, documentation, photo beautification and even uploading progress report and reporting progress with their adviser.

      If we were going to do the research, we will also do what they did. We will conduct a research study using different websites, journals and books. It is good that they experienced the spot themselves and did questionnaires. It would also be best if they interviewed the owner while on their tour on the spot, in that case they would be able to see how the owner runs his business and how he does customer relation to formulate a report not only on the business itself but also on the person that runs it. Their preparation is remarkably great and they have ample time to do research study but with such a hectic schedule, that we have in our each team members we have to do each jobs separately. In our case, we just compile each member’s documentation, we only gather when it comes to making of the system where each team member contributes different...