Proposal 1

Running head: Legislator Proposal

Michael Campbell

Legislator Handout

University of   Phoenix


August 3, 2009

Proposal 2

      Universal Coverage for the Uninsured

The growing trend here in America is that millions of Americans are not covered

by healthcare insurance to receive the proper medical care they need. As of today there are

many factors within our society that affects individuals and families for reasons of not

having healthcare insurance coverage due to the loss of jobs and the down turn in the

American economy. Currently Americans with out healthcare insurance is at alarming

rates some reports give figures of 90 million Americans being uninsured during the fiscal

year of 2006 - 2007 during part of the year. 47 million Americans were reported in 2006

for a full calendar year without insurance coverage. As the United States goes through the

recession jobs will be continued to be lost on main street and in corporate America which

will makes millions more suffer with out having healthcare coverage.  

Pros for universal coverage for all Americans:

The number of uninsured Americans citizens has grown well over 45 million.
Healthcare has become unaffordable for businesses and individuals
The elimination of wastefulness and inefficiencies can be done away with.  
4,     A centralized national data base can be utilized so that it makes diagnosis and               treat
5.     Medical professionals can focus more on care rather than worry about malpractice,
      insurance procedures and claims.
6.     Free medical services would encourage   preventive medicine.
7.     Patients with pre-existing conditions can still get health coverage.

“ Under this proposed plan every citizen and legal resident of the United States

would have been issued an insurance card by the health alliance” ( Hill, 1994; The white