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Energy and sources of energy
Energy is the power to change things or in other words we can say that it is the ability to do work. It gives us light it runs our machines it keeps us warm and many other things. In other words we can say that it is impossible to survive without energy in the present time. More over energy also plays a great role in the economic development of   . a country utilizing all its sources of energy has a better chance to grow economically as compared to a country where the sources of energy are less or not utilized properly. This is because energy has a direct impact on the standard of living of people and industrial side of the country and both of these are a good measure of economic development of a country. If people of a country are having a high standard of living and their industrial side is progressing well (means the exports are greater than the imports) than it is a clear sign that the country is making full use of its resources its growth rate is high.
The main sources of energy in Pakistan (for generating electricity)

A) Conventional sources:
 Conventional energy sources are typically fully developed, nonrenewable resources It includes

1) Thermal energy
2) Hydel energy
3) nuclear energy

B) Non conventional sources :
Nonconventional sources may be functional but are still undergoing development and use renewable resources.

.1) Wind energy
2) Solar energy
3) Bio gas (energy animal &plant wastes)

A) Conventional sources 
Conventional sources of energy are those sources which are generally used In the country for the production of heat, electricity, and power. Pakistan has the following conventional sources of energy that are as follows:

 Thermal energy refers to the type of energy in which heat is used to produce energy. Thermal Energy is the oldest type of energy. With all known history available, Wood was always used for heating and cooking. In 2nd world...