Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Economic Issues Simulation Paper
May 25, 2015

Health Maintenance Organizations
The health maintenance organizations are organizations that organize and provide health insurance to their members by a network of providers and medical facilities. Such plan is an alternative program offered by health insurance companies because they are lower in cost (TDI.Texas.Gov, 2014). In this simulation, the virtual organization Castor Collins Health Plans introduced three HMO plans for two different organizations that have a variety of employees with different health care needs. I will research one of the group employee demographics, and discuss the HMO choices available. I will explain in detail the differences in the choices provided by the health insurance company, and the reasoning behind my chosen plan for the business's employees. It is important for HMO insurance companies ensure that healthcare services they cover are accessible within the servicing area.
Constructit Company
Constructit is a1000 employee company, which I chose to provide health insurance for, with individuals ranging from ages 26 to 42, with a sixty percent of married individuals as well. This company is not only seeking health insurance for their employees they need to consider employees that would need to cover their families. The physical activity amongst the workers within the company shows that 32 percent of the employees are more physically active, and 25 percent are moderately active, which is a factor needed to take into consideration. There are 210 women and 170 men, with an approximate of 38 percent of them with no known health issues. The rate of smoking employees shows that 8 percent of the women and 10 percent of the men are heavy smokers. Obesity is also an important health problem amongst these employees, with a rate of 39 percent being obese. Obesity causes many problems with health like heart issues, blood pressure problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. With all these...