Economic Growth

1. Contents
2. Introduction
3. Local economic growth and wealth
3.1. Local economic growth
3.2. The path to prosperity
4. Happiness
4.1. Physical pleasure
4.2. Contentment triggered by the feeling of self-sufficiency
4.3. Comfort induced by the feeling of having access to innumerable resources
5. The general public’s opinion regarding wealth
5.1. Chasing after money
5.2. Does wealth equal happiness?
6. Conclusion
7. References

1. Introduction
There is presently much controversy regarding the relationship between economic growth, wealth, and happiness, as people become more and more focused on seeing the money as one of the most effective means of achieving pleasure. Through history, the masses have grown accustomed to associating material wealth with the feeling of comfort. In order to gain a better understanding of happiness, people have to accept that the concept is not necessarily equivalent to pleasure. Wealth and economic growth are two of the main elements fueling happiness in the contemporary society and most individuals have reached a level where they cannot possibly distinguish between the two. Considering the circumstances, it is only safe to assume that happiness in present-day communities is interdependent to economic growth and to wealth in particular.
2. Local economic growth and wealth
2.1. Local economic growth
With the process of globalization having experienced great progress in the recent years, practically everyone has expressed their need to reform their customs in order for them to be able to adapt and to keep up with the rest of the world. The UK, as an example, has redirected its focus regarding the country’s economy toward encouraging some of its most successful businesses to continue producing domestic manufactured goods. At the same time, the country’s leaders have put across their intention of disapproving enterprises recognized for generating products that are cheaper to produce in other areas from around the...