Ecology and Population Growth

The current estimated worldwide population at this moment July 31, 2011 at 12:18 AM is 6,908,898,822 according to ( According to the Us Census bureau there is a birth every 7 seconds, a death every 13 seconds, and a migrant every 29 seconds. The amount changes all the time due to more births then deaths. They are about two births to every death. With technology,   people that in years passed would never be able to have a baby are able to have multiple births now.
The human population growth has a very big impact on the ecosystem. The pollutants that people add to the air, water, and soil can destroy an ecosystem quickly. The fumes, from our cars and trucks go into the air. Fossil fuel causes acid rain which can lower the pH of a stream or lake and harm plant life. The more people that live, the more resources they need to survive. They need more land, food, and minerals. Humans can destroy different species habitat by developing and preventing the organism access to the habitat. It also affects the ecosystem when human introduce different species whether it is on purpose or accidental. These different species can take over the habitat and cause the population of the primary residents to become lower or even extinct. The introduced species could destroy the environment, making the land not useable for humans to grow things. These species are not just animals but plant life too.
I believe that humans can restore and protect the ecosystem for the future generations. Humans can cut back on the development; reuse the resources that are available instead of creating new. Save the forest, animals, and plants that give us what we need to live.

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