Eco/365 Week 3


Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
​Cell phones are everywhere. If one were to simply step outside, it would take only a few minutes to see someone on their phone making a call, checking a website, or getting directions. The cell phone business is worth billions of dollars, and thankfully, there is plenty of competition. Team C’s startup company, Phones Inc., wants to introduce the top of the line SunStar phone to consumers. This phone was created to compete with the best, and to make sure it is ready, a market analysis must be completed. Understanding the competition and market factors is the first step to a favorable release.
​Apple and its consumer friendly iPhone have enjoyed years at the top of the economic food chain. Each year, after months of rumors and speculation, Apple releases a new model. There was a lot of speculation about newest iPhone including various specifications, availability date, even the phone’s name. When Apple announced the name for the phone would be the iPhone 4S, some people were disappointed in the phone, even though specs had not been released. In May 2011, information about the phone was leaked to various internet sources, including the chip set, voice and data capabilities, camera, and application functionality. In October 2011, Apple released the iPhone 4S, the company’s fifth phone, to a world that already knew much about it. Although the release was not thrilling, the capabilities of the phone over its predecessor and other phones in the market were impressive. The phone packed all the features known to the public, as well as new applications such as Siri and services like iCloud (Solman, 2009). The iPhone 4S is the best selling iPhone to date, and is offered by more than 100 service providers worldwide (Solman, 2009). The phone, like the company that makes it, is unmatched in its...