Standardized Tests
I am embarrassed to admit what I remember about standardized testing. When I was in school we had several days of testing. I guess I need to preface the topic by admitting that I was not a good student back then. My home life was very dysfunctional. I was told and believed some very horrible things about myself. I believed I was stupid. I believed that I could never do well in school. I never dreamt of going to college or having a career. When testing week came around I didn’t even read the questions. I know they were all multiple choice and I scattered my answers.
When I was in the eighth grade the school had me go talk to the special ED. teacher. After a few days she was able to show me that I was not stupid and was actually capable of doing college level work. This had a huge impact on my life and how I saw myself. It took several more years of a crazy life before I moved out on my own. I knew I was going to go to college I just didn’t think it would be when I was a grandma.
So my experiences with standardized testing was not good. When my children began their standardized testing I had a much different attitude. I found out ahead of time when the testing was going to happen and made sure my kids were well rested and well-nourished beforehand. It was difficult to get my daughter to eat breakfast so sometimes I didn’t push her I just put a granola bar in her backpack. On testing day I tried to make them a balanced breakfast and send them healthy snacks.