Ece Activity Planning Sheet

Area planned:

  * Math
  * Language and literacy

Planning idea:

Materials: 10 small empty yogurt cups,   4 medium size cars, stickers, a pen and paper.
1.   Collect 10 empty yogurt cups and wash them out. Make sure all yogurt cups aredried out.
2. Using rice, fill each one of the yogurt cups equally about 1/3 of the way up which will make yogurt cups heavier so they can stand on the floor more stably. Cover the top with tape.
3. Mark the pin spots and children's' spot with masking tape on the floor - create a 10-pin pyramid.
4. Place each pin onto each place then gather four children at each time.
5. Use cars to roll and hit the bowling pins. Repeat three times during one game.
6. Each time, give them stickers for each pin they hit on their papers.
7. After finishing the game, the children count their stickers and write the sum of all the numbers.  

Intention - I noticed that most of the children in the classroom could count 1 to 100 with the teacher. During circle time, the teacher encouraged them to count numbers and the children predict what comes next after certain numbers. When the children did not know the next number, they looked at the 100 number chart, and found the correct number without teacher's assistance. I will encourage them to use '+' sign when they add (count) points so the children could recognize the mathematical concept during playing. They will figure out who would win by comparing with other peers' final points.

During the circle time, the teacher showed a white board which involved one poem, 2D and 3D shapes and numbers. The teacher put 61, 63 and 67: between those numbers, there were lines only. The children were asked what number comes after 61, and 5 children raised their hands. The teacher called child M, and M walked to the teacher and wrote 62 on the board. When the teacher asked what number comes after 63,   child L said "27", and other children shouted "no, no." The...