E-business Paper
Sandy Dalton

      E-business is conducting business either over the Internet or dedicated proprietary networks with e-commerce a subset of e-business which is mostly buying and selling transactions (Bagranoff, Simkin, and Strand, 2008, p.9). Toys ‘R’ Us is a brick and mortar business that is now engaged in e-business including e-commerce. The process of entering the e-business realm is risky and requires many changes in processes to be successful. The e-commerce portion of e-business is the highlight of this paper.
When Toys ‘R’ Us first tried to enter the e-business realm there were many problems. The original site started by the company crashed often, made errors in orders and basically was the example of what not to do when starting an e-business unit. Toys ‘R’ Us made the decision to partner with Amazon.com to build a joint online toy store (Karpinski, 2000, p.12). Toys ‘R’ Us made this decision because it could not manage a direct-to-consumer distribution center or balance the brick and mortar business with the online business (Karpinski, 2000, p.12). This partnership was to last for 10 years. Four years into the partnership, Toys ‘R’ Us started a lawsuit with Amazon.com mainly due to Amazon.com not using Toys ‘R’ Us as the exclusive provider of toy. Toys ‘R’ Us won the suit in 2006 and was able to establish an independent online store.
Processes for e-business are different from processes for a brick and mortar business. Many of the processes required for an e-business deal with inventory and the shipping of purchases to customers. Direct to customer shipping has to be implemented effectively. Inventory would have to be increased to ensure products are in stock for the e-business customers. The way that inventories are procured would need to be analyzed to verify that the vendors can maintain the supply with the demand of the products sold on the Internet. The increased inventory could require more space for storing the...