Eat Level 3 Assignment 301 Task B

Assessment No 301
Task B Reflective Account
Word count 671

Dear Self

I need to be aware of the best practice when promoting appropriate behaviour and respect of learners as follows:-

  1.   Establishing ground rules

Ground rules need to be established to promote a safe and effective learning environment so that health and safety and behaviour of the group allow the course to be conducted in   an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  i. Clear ground rules need to be established to create a mutual respect for both the learner and teacher relationship.
  ii. A good way of establishing ground rules with adult learners is to negotiate a contract which the group helps to draw up.
The learner has a sense of responsibility for the rules then. This should include things like time keeping, appropriate behaviour; switch off mobile phones, listen, and follow the Health & Safety rules.
  iii. Boundaries should be clear from the start of the course and should be revisited, if the boundaries are not being followed.
  iv. Safeguarding – most companies and training establishments have procedures in place should these rules be misused.   These maybe in the form of employee contracts of employment, the learning group establishing ground rules or an individual learner contract.

  2. Promote equality and value diversity by

  i. Being inclusive to all genders, cultures, races, ethnicity, colour, religion, age, disability and language differences.
  ii. Being more amenable and understanding to religious festivals such as Ramadan and not putting food out in front of the followers and be aware that they might be tired and not as receptive to learning at this time.
  iii. By being accommodating to different working patterns to accommodate such things as children being picked up and dropped off at school or the learner’s length of commute.
  iv. By accommodating the different type of learner styles and needs, wherever possible.
  v. Remember that...