The date of this report which summarizes the sustainability data for Teck Company is from January to December 2008.   Teck is Canada’s largest diversified removal, mineral processing and metallurgical company. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, they are the world’s leader in the production of copper, metallurgical coal and zinc, a significant producer of gold, molybdenum and specialty metals, with interests in several oil sands development assets. Teck commitment, focus and vision is focused on supplying natural resources to people around the world and they will continue their efforts to play a meaningful role in resource stewardship for generations to come.
Sustainability strategy focuses on five material areas to help drive sustainability performance; safety and health; the state of the global economy impact on Teck and its stakeholders; environmental management issues for the company and the industry; community engagement and development; and, responsible stewardship of the products in society.   Teck is dedicated to maintaining the license to operate and meeting the sustainability challenges.
In 2008, Teck proactively was busy with internal and external stakeholders on the sustainability reporting and performance.   A key outcome was the recommendation that Teck clearly articulate the vision for sustainability and demonstrate the link between vision, material issues and strategy.   A meaningful strategy will continue to be articulated and shared throughout the company.   For success in reaching goals it is important to engage with the people involved in implementing the strategies.   Therefore, the long- term objective is to re create a more complete company-wide sustainability plan which includes a shared sustainability vision for the company, strategies to manage challenges and opportunities, stated goals and targets both long and medium term and etc.
As of December 31, 2008, there were approximately 9,000 regular, full-time employees working at...