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Child Development and Behaviour:
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This document is produced by Learning and Teaching Scotland as part of the National Qualifications support programme for Care.

First published 2002
Electronic version 2002

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Introduction 1
Integration with other units 1
Unit content 1
Statement of standards 2
Core skills 3
Assessment 3

Section 1: Guidance for teachers 5
Approaches to learning and teaching 5
Unit induction 5
Learning environment 6
How to use the pack 7
Recording student attainment 8
Scheme of work 8

Section 2: Student activities and information 11
Outcome 1 11
Outcome 2 47
Outcome 3 73
Outcome 4 110
Outcome 5 137
Outcome 6 161

Resource information 175
Candidate record of progress 177
Internal assessment record 179


Integration with other units

This unit is a mandatory 1 credit unit within the Early Years Care and Education (Higher) course. It has close links with the other mandatory unit in the Early Years Care and Education (Higher) course – Holistic Approaches to Child Health.

This unit forms a progression from Human Development (Intermediate 2) which is a mandatory unit within the Care Intermediate 2 course.

Unit content

The unit has six outcomes:
1. Investigate a theoretical approach to the study of growth, development and behaviour of children 0–7 years.
2. Describe the physical growth, development and behaviour of children 0–7 years.
3. Describe the emotional, personal and social...