Early Years Continues Provision Plan

Early Years Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision
A Guide for Reception Teachers


Early Years Continuous Provision


Early Years Continuous Provision
1.1 Child Development Provide a range of equipment that is appropriate for the ages and stages of development of all children. 2.1 Respecting Each Other Opportunities for children to play collaboratively, to share, take turns and develop positive relationships. 3.1 Observation, Assessment, Planning Observations of the children are used to plan developmentally appropriate experiences, incorporating children’s interests. 3.2 Supporting Every Child Experiences are presented in various ways depending on children’s needs, interests and previous experiences. The learning journey of each child is supported. 3.3 The Learning Environment Resources are clearly labelled and freely accessible. Permanent resources are enhanced by new experiences linked to themes and interests. A safe and stimulating outdoor area is provided and free access to it. 3.4 The Wider Context Visits and visitors are planned to enhance experiences. Information is shared on a regular basis. 4.1 Play and Exploration Time is given to investigate resources. Support is given when appropriate to extend the play. Resources are used flexibly. 4.2 Active Learning Areas are inviting, attractive and interesting, they include resources to support children’s independent thinking.

1.2 Inclusive Practice Resources reflecting a wide variety of cultures are included. Experiences are adapted to provide appropriate challenge for all children.

2.2 Parents as Partners Examples of learning are shared with parents and partnership encouraged. Parents are invited to share home experiences.

1.3 Keeping Safe Equipment and resources are used safely. Resources are freely accessible to enable children to make decisions. Children’s confidence is built upon in order to take manageable risks.

2.3 Supporting Learning Observations...