Early Language

Frank Bauer
September 2, 2012
Shari Manley

During the Roman Empire's Reign the main language was Latin.   This was until the fall of the empire when France and England took over (Sayre, 2010).   This was also during the era that there were many holy wars between the Anglo Saxons and the Muslims over the holy land (Sayre, 2010) .   Religion was also brought into play at this time and even though Christianity was slow to spread throughout Europe it eventually became the main religion.   This was when the vernacular became popular over the Latin language.
Charlemagne was dedicated to educate the commoners to be able to speak such language and understand the poetry that had become over popular among the people("Vernacular language resource," 2012) .   This dialect came from the travelers that would come from France to entertain the people with poetry and acting("The history of," 1997) .
Britain had been attached during this period by the angles, Saxons and Jutes.   This forced British people to the west and Old English beamed the language spoken in Brittan ("The history of," 1997) .   The French also played a role in this vernacular language being developed.
the Latin languages became mainly used by the wealthy and that they would only use the highest quality of language and written words.   The lower class began speaking the vernacular language.
This language idea began when religion took over the English and French land and became part of the culture ("The history of," 1995) .   Charlemagne believed that in order to practice Christianity that he needed to teach the residents how to write it as well.   He then began to create universities and teach writing.
Poetry began to become popular at this time as well giving the people a way of expressing themselves and most of it was on the topic of Love.   There began to become an array of women poets which was very appealing to most of the land.   Women were able to talk about the realism of love and how...