Early History

Ealry Indian Policy
Ordinance of Regulation of Indian Affairs
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Ardent Spirits

Massachusetts Shay Rebellion:
  * Tax rate could not be afforded , financial difficulties
  * People gave petition to local representatives, whom ignore their request
  * Shay’s rebellion, surround court …

New Jersey and Virginia plans:
  * Stronger government
  * Encourage National Power over States power, new powers to congress
  * Virginia support more debt to be in the nation

Alexandra Hamilton and James Madison coop to writes articles
Less than 12 months constitution to be written and ratified

The New Nation
Bill of Rights:
  * Bill of rights: (can be amended later) add individuals’ protection to legitimate the federalist power.
  * Bill of rights is prime opportunities to reduce the tension. (Madison), heavy influenced by many documents such as the English Bill of rights.
  * Took 2 years to gain approval from both houses.
  * Not include voting since states already include the mechanism of voting, problematic to deny the voting of women, slaves.
  * Women participated in Marriage act, motherhood => enjoy more freedom than before. Urging young women to promote sound moral in men. Female education previously   was controversial, but since then thought of women to learn and teach their sons about principals and rights thrived.   “On the equality of the Sexes”. Judith Sargent Murray'. => Women wielding some civic power.
  * Enjoy times of production since the disruption of wars and revolts.
  * Cotton machines, cotton developed and traded to Europe.
  * 77 million dollars in debt domestic and foreign
  * Bank increases to number of 29, produce government bonds
  * Taxes in whiskey: furious farmers, back countries people => turn into representatives => unnecessary tax complaint in congress...