Ea Sports Financial Success

Company Background
      Electronic Art (EA) has become the world’s independent leader in developing, publishing, and marketing of video games that are supported by a variety of platforms including, Personal Computers (PC), In-home video game consoles such as: Nintendo Wii, Sony Play station, Microsoft’s X-box, Mobil video games devices, cellular phones and online gamming communities. It is hard to believe that 26 years ago in1982, a man by the name of Trip Hawkins wanted to establish his own business dedicated to publishing games that could be played on PC’s. Originally working for Apple Computers at that time Hawkins, established the his company just outside of San Francisco in Redwood City, CA and called it Electronic Arts (EA). When Electronic Arts was initially established, its main focus was primary publishing games for personal computers.   However, in the late 1980’s through the early 90’s EA began to developing games in-house that could be supported by the latest gaming consoles and are now known for developing the world most popular games, which are supported by consoles a variety of the worlds best selling consoles and leading EA to become an industry leader.
      Electronic Art was rapidly becoming a successful company and began to expand into new markets. They began acquiring more talented resources through the acquisition of smaller, but successful companies that also developed games.   In early 2000, EA became one of the world’s largest third-party game publishers, but that was only the beginning for EA, which is currently ranked 8th on the list of the worlds largest software companies for 2007.
      EA currently operates under four operating labels EA, EA Sports, EA Sport Network, and EA Sports The first label   known as EA, covers a verity of game titles such as; Need for Speed, The Sims, Lord of the Rings, Burnout an other popular games. The second is EA SPORTS label, which EA began using in 1993 to distribute games based on sports. The concept...