TMA 02   Responding to a scenario

My chosen option for this TMA is option 3. I will include footnotes that will provide brief critical discussions and evidence relevant to my own understanding and learning.

Studying units 5 – 8 has enabled me to become more reflective in my own working practice and also conformed my commitment to inclusiveness. I have looked at the perspectives, practice, interpretations and definitions in a different ways.
The 'Bangabandhu Inclusion Policy' (E243 unit 5 p22) in parts encapsulates the way forward in inclusive practice.
'We believe developing an inclusive approach to all aspects of school life can act as a pathway towards inclusion in the wider community'

A local radio station are holding an 'eduction phone-in'. As my role as a teaching assistant in a local school. My school has very strong inclusive ethos and this has given me the insight on inclusion.
I have been involved in my school in many positive experiences linked to inclusion.1

Thinking of the school where I work I was asked to discuss and describe 'Inclusive education'.
I stared by explaining how important it was to me, and went on to explain about how I worked in an multi cultural community: with children from many different ethnic backgrounds attending my school. I wanted to stress examples of day-to-day practice in my setting that were around Inclusive Practice. I thought it was important to make the listeners aware that being inclusive   is not just about children receiving a balanced education.2 It is also about children with learning difficulties, high achievers, children with behavioral problems and cultural differences, as well as children with disabilities.

I went on to talk to listeners about a video I had recently viewed on a training course I completed, This video highlighting a school named 'Bangabandhu School' this means the meaning of 'friend of Bengal'. The school was an inclusive school and was based in London. I went on to explain how...