E214 Question

Q1. Is your child getting all the needs from his school as an inclusion?

A: Sometimes I think he does but other times although I am told that they are practising inclusion it does not seem so to me. Although, he  does participate in activities  like cooking with the mainstream children he does not sit down with them in class because they say he would not stay. But, the teachers keep reassuring and saying to give it a little more time. 

2. What are your views as a parent on the school curriculums and the polices about all the children being inclusive in their learning

Inclusive learning is the ideal method to help children with additional needs learn much more about their environment and develope their social communication skills. It also helps the typical child to learn and accept to work with people that may be different from them in one or more ways. Both sides stand to gain in this relationship.
3. Have the school/ teachers have all the necessary things in place to aids teaching 

Some school do have most of what they desire to work with,while others may not and on top of these these children's needs keep changing as they develope so it is a need that keeps changing and developing
4. What are your views and right as parent to choose the school your child will go not being placed in a special needs school.

A parent has the right to choose the kind of school his/her child attends by making an informed decision concerning the available choice of schools.

5. What are effective method do you think will help to accommodate children with disabilities in any forms?

The effective methods that I think will help to accommodate children with needs are having them included in activities with typical children as much as their needs will allow them I.e is inclusive education. Also using methods like PECS, ABA,Makathon.

6. What strategies do you have in mind that can be put in place or use to help children with severe disabilities in inclusion...