E214 Ba Honours

E214 Tma 02
For this Tma I will be focusing on scenario two about Jacob who has identified as having learning difficulties who has recently starting to be aggressive to members of staff and has now requested a meeting with the lead teacher of the nursery to express their views on what happens next.
The Letter
To Mrs Jones
I would like to request a meeting with you on behalf of all members of staff regarding Jacob and his behaviour yesterday in which he bit another member of staff as we feel that more needs to be done to protect Jacob as well as all staff and children. There has also been concerns from parents of other children who attend the nursery who are saying that their children are scared of him because of his outbursts which are leading him to throw toys around and push children over or out of the way which is very upsetting for all involved. I know that we are still developing the inclusive practice into the nursery but we feel that there needs to be some kind of meeting to outline any concerns we have.
Yours sincerely
Mrs White
Reply to Mrs Jones
To Mrs White
Thank you for your letter regarding Jacob and his behaviour recently I would like you to know that I am aware of these issues and that I will happily have a meeting with you anytime you need as you are aware our inclusion strategy is still be implanting at this present time and will update you on this when we have our meeting I will happily meet with you tomorrow after all nursery children have left to go home in the staff room.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Jones
The Meeting
Mrs Jones: Hello Mrs White and thank you for attending this meeting to discuss some issues that you have raised in your letter with regards to Jacob who has just recently been identified as having learning difficulties I was made aware of the incident regarding him biting another member of staff and have had a meeting with Jacobs parents to express the view that this...