Question 1

I have not named my interviewees and discussed ethical protocols with them to meet with the British Educational Research Association (BERA, 2011)

An evaluation of my Mathematics and English subject knowledge.

Based on my audits it is evident where my strengths and areas of development in Mathematics and English lie.

I realised during the Mathematics audit that there are a number of basic mathematical concepts that I had previously learnt in my schooling which need to be revised. I feel my strengths in mathematics lie in Units of measurement. I generally enjoy studying topics related to measurements. Also, I have a thorough understanding about the distinction between mass and weight and volume and capacity. I believe I am also confident in proportions and percentages and manage to solve questions related to this topic with ease. Other than this, my level in calculator methods for evaluating percentages is also impressive. With regards to units of measurement, I feel I have a very sound understanding of this topic and would be able to explain this clearly and with ease. In proportion and percentage I have an excellent understanding of this topic as I studied it in depth during my school education. I have demonstrated my knowledge of these strengths during my experience in the German Primary school where I worked for a year. Also, in my current setting where I am gaining experience at the moment, I am frequently confronted with such scenarios where I have to explain basic Mathematical concepts, many of which were included in the audit.

I feel my areas for development are the numbers and place value and classifying shapes. I feel I need more experience in these two topics. These topics are extremely important, especially for an early years setting as they are an essential part of a child’s early years development and is part of the national curriculum in Early Years. Therefore, I feel it is important that my two targets for improvement of my subject...

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