E207 Open University

In this EMA I have stuck to the ethical guidance in the assessment guide section 4.2 (BERA 2011) and have not used school or child names to comply with confidentiality.   I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school setting in Key Stage One. This assignment will point out the significance of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and multi-media in my own setting and how ICT can support children's learning.

Section   1 : Using Technology for Learning
Previously, I was not aware of the growing use of web based ICT applications and courseware development tools that can supplement traditional teaching. However,   after reading the module materials in Block 5 I am now aware of the extensive technology that exists to support all learning. I   now understand   that ICT can enhance children's learning when it is entwined within teaching practices as it provides opportunities for learners to: investigate, explore with trial and error and experience technology both in the classroom and outdoor environment. Storybird
For Activity 25.2 (OU, 2014[a]), I had to   develop my own digital story using multimodal texts and art resources on the web-site Storybird.   I found this activity challenging as I had not any experience of using this website. I needed to create a story around the artwork that was available but found that the artwork was limited.   I believe that this hindered my creativity as the story needed to be written around the images. Whilst engaging with this activity I recognised some factors, that I felt could produce a negative impact on this website and may create barriers for learning, specifically for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The background of black and white could not be changed to purple which would be beneficial for children with Dyslexia or Meares Irlen.   As well as the font and type face   could not be changed and there was no spell check option.
The focus of my Storybird Story...