E115 Tma 01

I’ am a qualified Nursery Nurse since 2004. I have worked previously with Surestart as a Community play worker and later worked at a Primary school covering crèche, nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 classes.

At present I’ am working voluntary at a School Nursery every Mondays for E115- course and working with supply alongside. I will also be taking KE312 that is due to start in February 2010. I ‘am working towards BA HONS Early Years Degree and would like to do the PGCE Primary later for a teacher qualification.

In the nursery setting there are three classrooms Blue – creative, Yellow- Language and Literacy and Green- Science, Maths and ICT. In total there are about 50 children at a time. In each classroom there is a nursery nurse and teacher present. Planning follows the Early Year’s Foundation Stage (EYFS). Deputy Headteacher is responsible for the daily working arrangements.

|EYCLOs                                   |Column 1:                                               |Column 2:                                               |
|                                         |Sources of existing knowledge/skills that I can draw on |Opportunities and/or limitations for collecting evidence|
|                                         |from day-to-day practice and previous studies           |within my role/responsibilities in my setting(s)         |
|1. Access, review and update your own     |                                                         |                                                         |
|knowledge of significant and emerging     |                                                         |                                                         |
|theory and practice                       |                                                         |                                                         |
|                                         |                                                         |Opportunity to implement from previous...