Themes from a school enquiry
In this assignment I have followed BERA (as cited in The Open University, 2011) ethical guidelines by ensuring that I have obtained informed consent from all participants and maintained confidentiality and anonymity by changing names where appropriate. In this TMA I will explain how I conducted my research for week 22 enquiry which required me to tell a story out loud to a group of children from memory. I will also explain how I conducted my presentation to my mentor and our other teaching assistants (TA’s), which included information that I was able to summarise from completing the enquiry. My rational for choosing this enquiry was simply because it interested me very much. When I began working as a TA I found I was very nervous at reading stories out loud to the children in class, especially if the teacher was present, but like what (McGonigie & O’Sullivan, 2011) writes, during my 10 years of experience I have grown to love telling stories and is now a pleasure of mine and that has come with practise which has improved my confidence. I was keen to know what impact my storytelling has on children’s learning. Once my enquiry was complete I performed a presentation and this involved me talking about what I had found and how I went about my enquiry. I used power point slides to support me which included a short video using the class ipad of me telling my story to the children. I also captured on video their responses and feedback after the story which I asked a colleague to do without me present. These were a joy to watch.

Telling the Story
The main question I wanted to find out for my enquiry was “What impact does storytelling have on children’s learning?” I was certain many other questions would arise from this, but this was my initial question. To go on to research this, I carefully planned my activity with a group of children. I chose to use a group of 6 children from my year 1 class who I work with each day...