My Role
In this assignment I am going to discuss and evaluate my current position working as a Teaching and Learning Assistant within a junior school. There are 184 pupils and higher than average pupil premium.   I work mainly with one year six child with an EHCP but also in two year six classes with 26 children in each.   All names have been changed in accordance with BERA (BERA cited in The Open University, 2013a)
My day begins greeting children and parents, answering questions I am able to then passing on any concerns to teachers.   A positive partnership with parents is important so they feel a valued part of the school as they may also hold key information which could support the pupils learning.   (KU 1.7) confidence and also encouraging them to ‘Become the best possible learners.’ (Shaw 2013 p27) During English and maths I provide group support to those with the greatest needs similar to Colloby I ‘explain, repeat assist’ (Colloby 2013 p59). One of the boys finds it difficult to recall his times tables and number bonds so I have made him a maths mat with these on to support his learning (KU 1.1). On Fridays I plan a reading comprehension session for a lower ability group. They struggle with concentration so I make resources which support a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning. (KU 3.1) Also encouraging positive interaction whilst showing PRIDE (behaviour policy 2015) in their work. (KU 1.2)
As a Teaching and Learning Assistant I provide support not only to the children but also to the teachers within school, a key part of this is to build good relationships with them. These relationships are built through a mutual respect which encourages team work, I am lucky to work in a school where both of these apply.   I attend regular meetings which encourage all staff to become involved and work together as one team.   (PPS 4.3)   In the mornings I will discuss any concerns with the class teacher. We also...