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My Role
I am currently volunteering in a one form entry primary school in Hertfordshire. I support a class of 30 children in year 2, for 6 hours a week. From my reading of ‘Ten titles and roles’ by Roger Hancock and Jennifer Colby, I would refer to myself as a classroom assistant. As described by Margaret Verrecchie; I fully support in the classroom with many aspects stated such as working ‘with small groups of children to develop their reading or help them with their writing’. (Hancock, Collins and Stacey p.5)
As stated by Barbara Lee (2003), over time, there has been a shift in terms of ‘indirect support’ and ‘direct support’ from teaching assistants. Nonetheless, I feel I am effective in aiding the teacher with both types of support. I directly support the teacher with the pupils by providing on-going behaviour control and monitoring during carpet time so she can teach a lesson with as few disruptions as possible.   Indirectly, myself, and the classroom assistant, also take on many administrative tasks to support the teacher. This is a key aspect of supporting the teaching. We prepare resources for each lesson by photocopying, sticking sheets into children’s books and making sure there is sufficient equipment on each table.
Supporting the pupils is carried out in various ways throughout my working day. During lessons I sit with a small group of children helping them to access the learning by simplifying, explaining and modelling the teacher’s input. The group of children I work with always varies as I am not only helping to support the lower ability children meet the learning objective but I also work with higher ability children who grasp tasks easily. It is then my role to expand on what they have learnt and extend their learning.   Another one of the ways in which I support the pupils is developing individual pupil’s social skills. There are key pupils within my classroom who have been identified as having inclusion problems. I often take...