E100 Tma03 Part 1

During this assignment I propose to summarise chapter 25 of reader 1, ‘working with parents’.   Draper and Duffy (2006) ‘Working with Parents’, – identifying main points, concepts and principles of the partnership between parents and educators.
Lucy Draper and Bernadette Duffy run the Thomas Coram Centre in London.   They look at and explore the partnership with parents biological or non-biological and practitioners.   (the wide range of adults who are involved in the education and development of the child ) They emphases the importance of the key role that parents play in achieving the best possible outcome for their children and families via communication with the practitioners.   They set out to explore the benefits and challenges of such a relationship and share their experiences from the working environment at the children’s centre.
In answer to the question “why is partnership important?“ the basic answer is that it has been written into the law via The Children’s act 1989 which introduced the concept of parental responsibility.   The foundation began in the 20th century by Margaret Mc Millan lecturing parents groups in the nursery schools she established and even though in the 1960s it was more parents of ‘low achievers’ that where involved in their children’s education, by 1997 ( Whally and the Pen Green Centre) parents were playing a much more active role.   To encourage and accommodate parental involvement, government have introduced several acts of legislation including the Education Reform Act in 1988.   The national sure start program launched in 1998 offers a broad spectrum of services to families of pre-school children and then was very much reinforced by   the statutory framework for the early years 2008.  
Benefits for children.
Evidence produced in the USA by the Highscope educational research foundation and in England via Peers Early Education Partnership (PEEP) overwhelmingly support the theory of working in partnership with parents. Interestingly...