E100 Tma 04

TMA 04: Supporting children’s learning through the curriculum.

Part 1 Key elements of one child’s learning

During this essay I will try to create an accurate account of one of my key child’s learning and development within my settings curriculum, covering the following, personal social and emotional development (PSED) and also communication, language and literacy (CLL). I find both these areas within the curriculum that my setting follows (EYFS) to be very interesting but also areas that I am confident within.

‘In this TMA I have followed ethical guidelines (Assessment Guide, pp. 18-19); all names have been changed to protect identity. The setting, children and parents have given their consent to activities being used in this assignment and participants were told that they could withdraw at anytime’

I have collected evidence from parents, colleagues and carrying out my own observations. I have focused on a 21 month old girl, renamed Lucy, who has been at the setting for 10 months and is fully settled in. She is confident with other children and staff members and also within her environment this shows me that she is able to fully join in the experiences that are available to her when learning at our setting. ‘Young children need to feel secure in the environments in which they are placed if they are to develop strong relationships and self-esteem and become confident learners.’ (E100, ST17, p109)   Lucy lives at home with Mum and Dad and has no other siblings, but does have family friends of a similar age to her. Lucy attends the setting two days a week 8.00am-6.00pm in which she always seems happy and bubbly throughout her time with us. The observations were carried out for just over two weeks and at various times of the day.

Using previous information from the child’s individual plans, previous observations, colleague’s observations, Parents comments and curriculum guidance I can see that Lucy has been developing within her age group throughout all...