E100 Tma 01

TMA 01: Evaluation grid for Part 1
Complete the grid, indicating your evaluation from 1 to 10 of each professional skill as you begin E100. Try to be as honest as you can in your answers to support your self-reflection.
1 = low skill, 10 = very confident
Professional skills|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|
1. Planning and designing activities for the children you work with.|||||||||||
2. Communicating with parents and families.|||||||||||
3. Working with a range of professionals from different backgrounds and with different views on supporting children.|||||||||||
4. Understanding how you impact on children’s development and learning through your practice.|||||||||||
5. Knowledge of child development theory.|||||||||||
6. Skills in assessing children’s learning.|||||||||||
7. Skills in supporting children’s well-being and emotional development.|||||||||||
8. Communicating with your colleagues.|||||||||||
9. Using ICT with children to support their learning.|||||||||||
10. Understanding how you can improve your own practice through self-reflection and continued learning.|||||||||||

I have been working at my Early Years setting for 18 months now after previously working in schools as a teaching assistant, up to year 11, for 14 years. I started working in the Pre-school room (age 3-4) and I have now been working in the baby room (age 0-2) since September 2015. I feel that I need to improve my planning and designing activities for the children I work with as I have had to adapt from working with older children to babies and sometimes I get a bit too excited and ahead of myself. I also get overwhelmed, thinking about how many of the different learning areas I could cover in just one activity when really, I should be keeping it simple and fun for the child. I scored high in my recent appraisal for communication with parents and colleagues but I feel that I will become more confident when I have increased my knowledge in all areas of the Early...