E100 Tma 01

Part 1
This assignment will include an assessment and evaluation of my professional and academic skills. I am currently working as a teaching assistant in the early years sector. This TMA will help me figure out the areas I need to develop, to progress in my chosen career field which is to become an early years teacher.
My main strengths are my communication skills, I find that I can openly communicate with children, parents and most importantly with colleagues. I can relate this to my current practice as I work alongside a fantastic team and have no problem in voicing my opinion and communicating with other staff members. As it states in the book ‘some teams gel together well and enable everyone to make a contribution; others experience problems that may have an impact on the performance of individual team members’ (book 1, practitioners and children, page 11). It is essential to have good communication with team members, as they are the ones that can help you reflect on your practice which brings me to my areas of development.
I feel that my areas of development are my knowledge of child development theory as I lack knowledge in this area.
I would also like to develop my understanding on how I can improve my own practice through self – reflection and continued learning (number 10, on grid 1) I can try to achieve this by self - assessing myself on a regular basis, sharing ideas with work colleagues and getting their opinions and using them to better myself. Also asking myself questions as to, how I could improve certain things/ activities to meet children’s individual needs. Reflective practice involves, in Donald Schon’s words,
‘Reflection in action and reflection on action. Reflection in action is, thinking on your feet; reflection on action is retrospective thinking, or thinking after the event’  

Part 2
Relating to the information I have given in grid 2, I feel that I can confidently plan and manage my time to fit in study and my work commitments as I...