Duty of Cae

Principles for Promoting Duty of care in Children and Young People's Settings

At our nursery we have an obligation to abide by the Health and Safety act 1974 and this is that all employees take responsibility for themselves and others. We ensure that we follow this act and cover ourselves by having policies and procedures in place.

Ÿ COSHH: Control of Substances Hazards to Health
This refers to keeping things such as bleach and chemicals looked away and out of the reach of children or people who should not be in contact with them. By risk assessing the substances you use you should be able to decide weather it is a hazardous substance and having a policy in place will ensure people use these chemicals correctly and it will then stop people from getting hurt.

Ÿ RIDDOR:Reporting of Injuries Deasises and Dangerous Occurences Regulations.
Any of the above that happen in the workplace must be reported to the enforcement authority. All employers have a legal oblogation to do this within a selected time period and must also record all occurences.

Ÿ First Aid: All employers have a legal duty to make sure that any of their staff members who get injured receive first aid immediately as delaying this could cause the injured person to die.
      All first aid boxes must be correctly stocked and checked once a month.
      Staff must have appropriate training. All medicine kept in the nursery must          
      be labelled and kept securely.

Ÿ Manual Handling
When lifting heavy or awkward objects you must follow these points to insure that it carried out corrctly protecting yourself and your employer
-You must split heavy loads in to manageable weights and take a few trips
-Plan your route to ensure there is no obstacles in your way.
-Check the weight of the item before lifting and ask for help where needed.
-When picking the object up, stand close to the weight, bend down at the...