The learning plan.

Amy Hallett

Talked with tutor: check
Watched the introductory dvd: check

What do you want to learn from this module?

I would like to have more of and understanding of law and get back into education and I would like to further my education to go on to a degree.

What skills do you want to improve during this module?

I would like to improve my essay writing skills.

What else do you want from the module?

I want to improve myself.

In this box write about how your previous experiences of work, education or everyday life has given you the skills and knowledge to help with this module.

When I was in school I wasn’t overly interested I didn’t turn up to it very often and when I received my gcse’s I wasn’t shocked but what I got I went straight into full time work when I was 16 and worked hard and did all the holidays days out nights out with my friends and I realised I would be in the same job forever unless I went back into education again.
I spoke to a lot of different people with different professions and decided on a couple of things thing interested me and went to go forward with a couple and then at the end decided on law.

I want to do well in this and make a career after all the course and be able to say at the end I did it and I’m proud and to make my partner proud of me as well as my family.

And to get that dream job and be able to start a family.