Dulce Et Decourm Est

I really started understanding the poem Dulce ET Decorum Est when I did some back ground research on it. When I understood what the writer was saying I got interested in the poem. But when I researched on the author I really got hooked onto the poem. The writer Wilfred Owen was not only a magnificent writer but he also fought in WW1. This meant that when he wrote the poem he was not imagining what a soldier felt, but rather he himself felt the experience firsthand. He was expressing his feelings on the war, a soldier’s feeling. He himself had lived in the same trenches he talked about, fought along aside those friends who he talks about. This fact of him being in the war personally was a huge part in my liking this poem. To me this meant that he was talking about the truth, not just some rambles about the war, and after finding about Wilfred Owen, I really could feel what he was trying to say. Most writers who write about the war talk about the death, blood-shed, and cruel living conditions of war. But no one really can talk about the soldier’s feeling because no one knows how he feels except for the solider. So when Wilfred Owen talks about how he feels, it’s real.

Right after I started my ISU, in my history class we started on our first unit. WW1. As we studied on WW1, I kept on relating the stuff we learnt to the poem, and things became so clear. It was as I could myself see the way Wilfred Owen lived and fought firsthand. The lines in the poem kept popping up as we did work in our class. I could make connections between the poem and the war and this helped a lot in understanding the poem because I knew the facts about the war and all that happened, so when I encountered some terms in the poem I knew what the writer meant and easily saw the bigger picture.

Knowing so much about the poem was also a problem for me. I understood all the words, maybe some vaguely but I still understood them because of the background information I got on the writer and his...