Due to the Combination of Industrial and Automobile Gas Discharges, the Air of Cities in the Northern China Followed by Eastern China Are Heavily Polluted: Bonafide Research

Increasing concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 10 in the air, increasing industrialization in China, increasing use of fleet, deteriorating quality of indoor and outdoor air is responsible for the increasing pollution level in the northern and the eastern region of China.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “China Air Purifier Market Overview” sources of pollution are widespread, but are particularly intense in a northeast corridor that extends from near Shanghai to north of Beijing. During our analysis period, 92% of the population of China experienced >120 hours of unhealthy air (US EPA standard), and 38% experienced average concentrations that were unhealthy. China’s population-weighted average exposure to PM2.5 was 52 µg/m3. The observed air pollution is calculated to contribute to 1.6 million deaths/year in China [0.7–2.2 million deaths/year at 95% confidence], roughly 17% of all deaths in China. In 2012, China adopted the Ambient Air Quality Standard and began development of a national Air Reporting System that now includes 945 sites in 190 cities which included most of the North and the Eastern regions of China.

Air purifiers are a device which was developed to remove the contaminants from the air so that the people indoors can breathe fresh air. Air purifiers come is specific size. They vary according to the square foot of the room in which they are occupied. The air purifier have features like CADR, ACH, noise level, energy efficiency, voltage used, power consumption and the different technology used to purify the air. HEPA filters are the most widely used filter in the air purifier system as it does not have any side effects like that of ozone generated filters.

Air pollution is extensive in China, with the highest particulate concentrations observed south of Beijing (e.g. Xingtai / Handan), but significant levels extend throughout the interior, which is consistent with previous satellite. Extensive pollution is not surprising...