The focus of this essay is to understand the concept of equality and diversity in learning and teaching and the benefits of promoting equality and diversity in individual learners.

According to A. Gravells (2012), equality is about the rights of student to have access to, attend and participate in their chosen experience. This should be regardless of age, ability and/or circumstances. Diversity is about valuing and respecting the differences in students, regardless of age, ability and/or circumstances. It is every teachers responsibility to make sure that the teaching style and the resources promotes and include all students in respect of nine protected characteristics that comes under equality and diversity which are:- age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership and finally maternity and pregnancy.

There are many benefits of promoting equality and diversity. By instituting equality and diversity, learners feel more valued in spite of their differences which may be caused by disability, age, gender or any other aspects. By making the learners more valued, teachers attempt to create a positive thought in the learners to overcome their barriers. Students also benefits from the tutor who keeps equality and diversity in focus by planning the resource or the teaching style in a way that is inclusive for all the students. By following equality and diversity, tutors get the benefit of preparing individual learning plans or student profiles, so that pupils do not feel left out. The student profile prepared can be passed among different staffs so they know which teaching style is more effective with the individual learners.

Equality and diversity also helps promote awareness of culture by which tutor come to know the learners better. For example the tutor may come to know that for some learner english may not be the first language, so the tutor needs to adapt a...