Dttls Unit 405

The learning environment is supportive and productive
The teacher needs to build a positive relationship with the student this is done by knowing and valuing each student it is about building quality relationships, based on respect, value and care. It is about taking time to get to know and understand students not only in an educational sense but also in social and personal sense. This can be achieved by Finding out about the interests and background of each student Focusing attention on students indervisial needs providing through mentoring understanding learners preferred learning styles. Understanding that there is a difference between learners.
All learners are different and react differently to the same circumstances they all have different likes and dislikes and have different behaviour patterns so understanding and knowing each learners needs helps build up a positive relationship between the teacher and the learner. Each learner as a prefer learning stile this is determined according to Michael Grinder   is the one we learned to use for survival as an infant so the brain then gives this as the first priority.  
Michael Grinder   Our Future must be creative 1999)
This can also linked into the Behaviourism of learners which is imbedded from an early age but this can be changed through conditioning famous psychologist John B. Watson:  
Suggests that any person could potentially be trained to perform any task, regardless of things like genetic background, personality traits, and internal thoughts (within the limits of their physical capabilities); all it takes is the right conditioning.
John Watson, Behaviourism, 1930
There are two sides to the Behaviourist approach
•Classical Conditioning
•Operant Conditioning
Classical conditioning is simply about conditioning through a neutral stimulus.
This can be as simple as making sure the learners have a...