Dttls: Self Reflective Essay

I can refer to Brookfield's implementation of the four lenses this week, within my teaching practice as I introduced a new topic of study.  

Applying the four 'critical lenses', through which I can view and reflect upon in my own practice, I feel it is a valuable tool, which provides a consistent reflective insight to my teaching.

My own view - autobiographical, my experiences of delivering a lesson and the outcome or feedback from student: This is important as I do compare the students' learning outcomes to my own as a student myself. I recall what was motivating to me, which enabled me to be stimulated through the learning process. Subsequently, I’m implementing that same type of teaching to produce the same type of positive outcome.

An example: when introducing a new subject i.e. from a poem, to studying a piece of literature, an impressionable tutor of mine would provoke a classroom discussion upon the theme of the poem or piece of literature. The participants of the discussion would then be prompted to write ideas on the white board:   in the form if bullet points or through a spider gram display, enabling us to see the elaboration of the topic.

I felt this was student based learning which promoted our own learning as well as strengthening our speaking and listening skills, not to mention building our confidence . Using this introduction method was less daunting, more understandable and assisted the learner to keep track of what was discussed .I believe being given the information through a method of direct lecturing would have been less effective.   I use the same method with my own students, to engage in what they already know, so I may build upon that knowledge.

After introducing the topic, I ask my students for feedback on the task at the end of the lesson. My method of collecting feedback differs upon the type of students I am teaching. For the more outspoken/confident student I use emotions on the board from smiles to tears, the students...