Dttls Module 2

Assignment 2

“Select an assessment scheme from your own subject area. Using appropriate assessment terminology and relevant theories, critically evaluate the scheme in terms of:
The overall purpose and type of assessment schemes used.
How assessment is recorded and used to promote learning
How inclusivity is maintained within the scheme
Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme to determine whether it is fir for purpose.
Explain your reasoning and justify any improvements that you would make

For assignment two I am looking at and will critically evaluate the practical assessments that are conducted during the kitchen work within the Hospitality and Catering Department at Canterbury College. I will look into and describe the type of assessment, classify its type, evaluate the effectiveness. I will examine the recording of the assessments and in my conclusion will decide whether it is fit for purpose and make developmental recommendations.

On Thursdays I teach the Professional Chef Stage Three course. I run three consecutive 4 hour practical lessons where essentially the students prepare cook and serve lunch and evening meal for paying customers in the college’s Beretun restaurant and Citrus café. The eleven students are all working towards their NVQ Level 3 award. They have a total of 23 units to achieve within the award, covering the preparation and cooking of complex dishes from many different food types such as shellfish, game and hot deserts. A portfolio based on showing evidence of competence for each unit is built during the year. The criteria and standards the students have to meet are pre set by the awarding body, City and Guilds and are subject to be being both internally and externally verified to ensure that all evidence conforms to the required standard.   All students prior to commencing the course would have gone through an initial diagnostic assessment process during the induction phase to ascertain their prior knowledge,...