Dttl's Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Observation

The lesson that was observed for this assignment was an entry level 1 English as a Second Language (ESOL) course based in City College Coventry; there were 15 learners consisting of a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and ages.   Refer to appendix 1 for background information relating to this.   30 minutes were spent observing this lesson.

In anticipation of the observation, the teacher had set aside a table from which the observation could be carried out, on this he had placed a copy of his full lesson plan including copies of his power points and any learning material that was going to be utilised throughout the lesson. (Copies are in appendix 2).   This level of preparation was a good indicator of the level of planning that would be shown to have been applied throughout the whole lesson.   The lesson plan included ‘coherent aims, learning outcomes and a clear assessment strategy’ key parts of the process of planning lessons as referred to by Armitage et al (2007).   It is clear from the teacher’s lesson plan that he has a very good knowledge of each of his students and an understanding of their abilities, included in the plan were very clear and concise expectations of where the students are and where he wants them to be by the end of the class, this is not a general expectation but a very individual assessment of each student.   The impact of this planning on the class meant that the teacher was able to pin point learning specifically to those that needed it in a way that each would benefit from the most.

On commencement of the observation, the class was reconvening after a 15 minute break.   The teacher started this section of the lesson with a brief recap on what the class had covered before the break, he used this to refocus the group; it also got them engaged with the lesson.   The teacher made good use of this opportunity to review the knowledge that had been learnt so far, also to assess whether the class was retaining the...