Assignment 104: Select Resources

Review the range of resources available in the organisation for a selected curriculum area.

Reece and Walker (p189) as a new teacher you may say to yourself “why bother with all of those visual aids? – I can manage without them”. Of course it is possible to manage without visual aids but effective use of aids can really enhance your students learning experience.

All five senses can be related to learning aids i.e.

    • SIGHT - through visual aids like charts, posters, printed resources such as books and handouts.

    • HEARING – through audio aids such as TV, radio, video and computers.

    • TOUCH – through resources like models, equipment working in.

    • TASTE and SMELL – for example if in a Home Economics class

Range of Available Resources (Recce and Walker Page 188

      Writing       Attaching Pictures       Display

Chalkboard Magnetic Notices

White board Flannel graph Charts

Flipchart               Plastigraph


Overhead Cassette Radio

Filmstrip Reel-to-Reel Television

Film Tape-slide Record Player


Handouts Posters

Worksheets     Books

Models     Magazines

Work cards

Learning resources need to be carefully selected in order to meet the needs of the learners and the aims and objectives of the sessions.

I currently teach various Information and Technology subjects at Mid Cheshire College. This course is obveriously computer-oriented, and teaching takes place in specialist computer classrooms set up with a computer for each student. All the computers have a standard suite of office applications installed, are connected both to the college intranet and to the internet, and have access to a shared printer. The layout of these computer classrooms means that there is usually no desk or computer workstation for use by a teacher.   Each classroom has a...