Dtlls Unit 1, 1.2

My role as a teacher in the lifelong learning sector should value all learners individually and equally, and as a result of this, I must be committed to lifelong learning and professional development and strive for continuous improvement through reflective practice. My main aim whilst teaching is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners.  
The Lifelong Learning United Kingdom, (LLUK) describes standards I should follow to achieve my purpose as a teacher. This contains 6 domains:-

Domain A Professional values and practice
Domain B Learning and teaching
Domain C Specialist learning and teaching
Domain D Planning for learning
Domain E Assessment for learning
Domain F Access and progression

Along side the LLUK framework, the Institute for Learning (IfL) produced a code of professional practice to follow. These include:


This will ensure that I continue to improve my professional practice as a teacher. The code was developed by the profession, for the profession; it outlines the behaviours expected by the members, for the benefit of the learners, employers, the profession and the wider community.    
In my role as a teacher it is important that I follow the Institute for Learning code of practice and work with the LLUK standards, to deliver my programme criteria as required. Internal and External verifications are examples of how quality is monitored throughout this programme. The practice of teaching is underpinned by a set of professional values that should be observed by all teachers, tutors, and trainers alike.