Dt Calculator

On the next page, you will find a blank grid for you to fill in and calculate where to plan some study time.

This will help you to focus on your existing commitments and to see where you have blocks of time available to concentrate on your studies.

Read through the instructions carefully, and then have a go at filling out the grid for yourself.


· Think carefully about how your week is planned. Think about the activities that you’re already committed to during the week.

· We’ve listed some for you. There is also space to enter in any others you may have.

· For each day, fill in the amount of time you’re likely to be spending on each of these activities. Any that aren’t relevant on particular days, leave blank.

· For each activity, add up the amount of hours you’ve entered in and fill total in the shaded column on the right. Do this for each activity.

· Add up the amount of time you’ve entered in each column – your commitments for that day.

· Once you have a total, you need to take this away from 24, the total number of hours in a day. So, if your total amount of hours adds up to 12, you would calculate, 24 (hours in a day) – 12 (your committed hours). That gives you 12 free hours for that day, which are free for study.

· Add up all the figures in the Time allocated for study row to get your total for the week.

|In Each 24 Hour Day||
Hours in the day|24|24|24|24|24|24|24|168|
Work hours|||||||||
Travelling time|||||||||
Quality family time|||||||||
Time available for study|||||||||