This chapter includes a discussion of the related literature, theoretical Framework and conceptual framework as components of a faculty evaluation.
Conceptual Framework
In this research, the researchers to provide a better way of monitoring the attendance of Blanco Family Academy, where the staff and the manager can handle a faster and easy way of recording and monitoring their daily Attendances. Only the Admin, HR and Accounting department has the authority to use the system that can manipulate the records in the system. The system will provide a reliable and efficient way of Timekeeping activity. The study aims to produce a result of Timekeeping and Payroll System that can cope up with the needs of the company.
Local Literature
John Aquilan made a comparable thesis entitled “Automation of time attendance System” in 2004, it stated that the automation of the time attendance records, time in and time out of every employee using barcode system. It tends to eliminate the manual recording system of time and attendance and also include salary computation of each employee based on the time and attendance reports.
Ramon Floran in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, page 14 October2005 wrote on his article “The Computer Edge of the New Employment and Opportunities He stated that computer gives a different feeling about what is happening in the company. Business will be highly competitive and innovative because the computer provides instantinformation.According to Andrea Cantoma, March 2004 entitled “Computer Library System for St. James Academy” stated that, in manual system in retrieving, maintaining security and piling records take place because of the years gone by. Furthermore, these files were only kept in envelopes and folders in wooden rocks. There are also instances when the right information is given to a wrong person, which affect quality of service. “Biometrics Technology to be Implemented in PNP”, 2009 The...