Dsm-Iv Case Studies

DSM-IV Case Studies

By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College

PSY280-Professor Elizabeth Kindall

October 10, 2010

      In case study 1, Josephine has a schizoid personality disorder.   A possible cause for Josephine’s disorder could be a problem in her childhood. Josephine could have had a bad relationship with her parents or someone close to her causing her to shut herself down. Josephine could have also been sexually abused or molested by someone close to her causing her to shut herself off from the world. She no longer trusts or wants to be affiliated with anyone in her life. Treatment for Josephine should be extensive psychotherapy. In order for Josephine to be able to gain her relationships back with those in her family, the psychotherapist will need to uncover Josephine’s past history.

      In case study 2, Luis has a narcissistic personality disorder. Luis’ narcissistic behavior could have started in his early childhood. Luis may have been downgraded as a child. In that position, Luis would then have tried to convince himself otherwise even if it meant it was fantasy or unrealistic. Since someone made Luis feel so low as a child, he now has no compassion for others and how they feel. Treatment for Luis would consist of psychotherapy, medication, and tools on self-help.

      In case 3, Anissa is suffering from somatoform disorder. Anissa is feeling physical symptoms of numbness that is unexplained by physicians. Anissa went through an extremely traumatic experience where people were killed. Anissa have begun thinking more heavily on the accident, sending her into a depressive state. When a person with somatoform disorder reaches a depressive state, physical symptoms become present. Since there is no explanation for Anissa’s physical symptoms, the problem becomes a psychiatric illness. I would recommend that Anissa be started on cognitive-behavior therapy to learn how to deal with her depressive state when it is present. I would...