Health is a very important and common topic featured in discussion and news articles around the world. Doctors suggest five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday and heart experts are urging the public to exercise for at least one hour a day: both to improve our health. The aim of this investigation is to find out whether or not children are healthier than adults. My hypothesis therefore is: children are healthier than adults.
To find out whether or not children really are healthier than adults I will conduct a questionnaire with questions directed at different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.   For example: daily exercise time, portions of fruit and veg each day, amounts of high fat foods eaten a week (meals with high fat content e.g. takeaways) and if the person thinks they are burning more fat than they are taking in. Each person will have to complete a questionnaire in my pilot study and final survey.
My reasons for starting this investigation are that health is a very important issue and our awareness of what a lack of healthy food and exercise in our diet can mean is growing. This study will help to categorise the age ranges that need the most help with health solutions.
The age ranges I will focus on are: 11-20 and 35-44 because the data will be available easily and quickly. I expect children to be healthier than adults as children follow healthy dinner menus at their schools and have at least five hours in total of exercise due to school a fortnight. Adults may not have time for exercise due to demanding jobs but also do not have to follow a system of eating and exercising if they do not want to. This could mean that they eat more of the food they shouldn’t for a quick meal and exercise less than they should because they are lacking the time. My questionnaire will prove me right or wrong.

1. How old are you?   11-20             35-40               (tick)

2. How many hours of exercise do you do a week?

              . (state)
3. What exercise...