Dse212 - Ethics

DSE212 - Ethics
1.   The Ethics Committee does not grant ethical approval for the proposal, citing failure to adequately address the issues involved in consent (as required by the British Psychological Society) as a primary reason. Explain why this might have been the case. (150 words)
The main purpose of informed consent is to consider the impact that the research may have on the participant, that he or she fully understands what the purpose of the research is, what will happen during the research, what the outcome will be, how the research data will be used and any potential consequences of taking part.   The plan offered by the university is simply to ask permission from the teachers to use the children in their research, and to let them know what has been going on after the interview.   No thought has been given to how children will feel during the video, or whether it will conflict with any of their personal views.   Without being prepared, the interview could lead to anxiety amongst the participants (the children).   All of these omissions clearly represent a breach of the code of ethics (Methods Book, p33).
2.   Explain three of the other ethical problems raised by the proposed study. (250 words)
One issue raised by the proposed study lies with the fact that the participants are children.   The university proposes to seek permission from the teachers to go ahead with the research, but the code of ethics requires that the parent or guardian of each of the children be asked for permission.   This will then require that the parents are fully consulted and made aware of the purpose, processes, content, outcome, impact and any consequences that might arise from carrying out the research.
Another issue raised by the proposed study is again related to the fact that the participants are children.   In the UK it is now a legal requirement that, prior to research being carried out involving children as participants or if the research is carried out in a place where...