Dse141 Tma 01

TMA01 – Part 1

Write a short piece summarising and interpreting the information presented in the table below (200 words).

            A   Reflection   of   Aggression   in   Studies   of   Children.

The   following   table   summarises   the   findings   by   Bandura,   Ross   and   Ross   (1963),   on   whether   participants   would   imitate   aggressive   behaviour   when   viewed.


|Types of aggression                         |Live model |Film model |Cartoon Model |Control (no model)|
|Imitative aggression                         |21.3       |16.4       |12.0           |2.9               |
|Partial imitative aggression                 |20.1       |26.4       |24.7           |13.3               |
|(mallet use)                                 |           |           |               |                   |
|Non-imitative aggression                     |34.2       |34.2       |49.7           |29.1               |
|Total aggression                             |75.6       |77.0       |86.4           |45.3               |

When   conducting   this   experiment,   all   of   the   participants   experienced   the   same   event;   the   same   room,   people   and   toys.   Bandura   and   colleagues   changed   one   element;   how   much   violence   each   of   the   participants   were   exposed   to.
The   experiment   used   a   number   of   toys;   a   Bobo   doll   and   peg   board.   A   selection   of   'Non-aggressive'   toys   were   also   used:   a   tea   set   and   crayons.
Three   groups   were   exposed   to   'experimental   conditions',   i.e.   A   live   model,   film   model   and   cartoon   model   behaving   aggressively.   The   model   repeatedly   hit   the   doll;   saying   things   like   'sock   him   in   the   nose'   and   'kick   him'.   In   the   fourth   group,   the   'control   condition',   participants   were   not   exposed   to   aggressive   behaviour.

As   summarised   in   the   table,   overall   the   total   aggression   (combination   of   all   types   of   aggression)   was   highest   in   the   cartoon...