What will you take away with you from reading this book? Lessons learned what will stick with you beyond TCIS? What part impacted you the most?

Reading this book I learned what courage really is. It is standing up for another, usually a weaker person, and defending them. I am really bad at standing up for other people especially when the majority is on the other side. I get scared and usually go along with the crowd and just blend in so that I wouldn’t have to be put on the spot light. Through this book, I learned how I can stand up for others behind the scenes. There is always a way to help another person if you try. I also learned that those mockingbirds, those innocent people who give all they have, should not be persecuted and instead be protected. Sorry to all the bugs I killed
How/ where do you see elements from TKAM reflected connected to your own life/ the world we live in?
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People all have their own life and they are usually busy living it. They struggle at times. When others struggle, feeling sympathy towards them and trying to help them out is always a duty for people who live in this world. But instead, we tend to put ourselves first. We should try to put ourselves into other people’s shoes – feel for them. We probably would appreciate it if other people helped us and comforted us when we are struggling. Thus we should be that supporter who helps those who are in need and can’t protect themselves from the evil human nature, especially the innocent and who are being oppressed.

Intrinsic Human Value

Regardless of what the world sees a person, each person is created with value; thus they should be treated equally.

Regardless of how the world view a person, the person has intrinsic human value and rights that should be protected. Even if people differ in terms of culture, race, background, they are the same people in terms of haman value.