Drugs and Sport Do Not Mix

Good afternoon Ms.and fellow students. Our team will present our case on how drugs and sport do not mix. We as the affirmative team define this topic as a drug being any chemical substance given with intention of  
As first speaker I’ll be talking about the affects drugs can cause and the allowance of drugs and their price. My second speaker will talk about the unfairness and how it just ruins the spirit of sport. And last but not least my third speaker will sum up my teams case.
First, what are the major effects of taking drugs? Or should we start off by what drugs do athletes take. There are a many kinds of drugs used by athletes competing all around the world. They are taken to build muscles or give athletes extra energy. There are five main groups of drugs which have been claimed that athletes to have been taken by athletes and are banned in sport: anabolic steroids, hormone growth drugs, stimulants, beta-blockers, narcotic analgesics and diuretic.
Anabolic steroids are used to build muscles and are used by body builders, weight lifters and athletes participating in throwing events. Stimulants increase alertness and heart beat and reduces tiredness, giving a feeling of elation and confidence. It also increases aggression and competitiveness.
Despite these temporary build up on bodies the permanent consequence are unbelievable. It not only causes mental problems, skin inflection but also aching limbs, wasted muscles, blood disease and liver complaints.
Now drugs? They are a mixture of chemicals like medicine but that’s legal.im going to talk to you specifically about illegal drugs, the ones athletes would use. This will be a big problem in financial terms as all illegal drugs cost people quit a lot. This is especially when one is in addiction to the drug or needs it for long term use for a sporting game for instance.